Neurofunk is all about two-phase basslines, destructive techy one shots, creepy pads and dark moods. The Devil refill for Propellerheads Reason comes packed with evil detuned two-phase basslines which have been made to stand out in the crowd, sync with your productions and inspire you to your next hit.

We used “Propellerheads new inbuilt “Grain Sample Manipulator” to make some extreme neuro bass and used some clever science to make the bass ripple faster in response to how hard you hit the keys (Velocity). Basically, the harder you hit the keys, the faster the bass will wobble and vice versa, the softer you hit the keys, the slower the bass will ripple. This makes for some interesting patches that could almost be full songs all by themselves.

Bonus!! Included are some Reason RNS song files demonstrating how powerful this pack is.

Asylum – Devil Refill.


75 – Hard neurofunk/Drum & Bass basslines for Reasons Combinator, NN-XT and Grain Sample Manipulator.

23 – one shot bass wav’s.

6 – Multi-Sampled neuro instruments.


#Please note that this sound pack will only work in Reason 10 and above although im sure the NN-XT presets will work in any version above Reason 6. I haven’t tested this though.