Neurofunk is all about two-phase basslines, destructive techy one shots, creepy pads and dark moods. The Devil refill for Propellerheads Reason comes packed with evil detuned two-phase basslines which have been made to stand out in the crowd, sync with your productions and inspire you to your next hit.


A blistering arsenal of bass weapons for producers of Drum & Bass, Neurofunk, Dubstep, Jump Up and more. This supercharged collection of audio tools will decimate the dancefloors and give your Drum & Bass productions the edge.


Ready to smash dancefloors, burst ear drums and cause panic, this soundpack has it all, Contains D&B Presets for Reasons Combinator, NN-XT, Native Instruments Battery and Maschine.

The Box

A fierce package of dark, system shaking Drum & Bass sounds. This pack signifies a marriage of classic reese styles with futuristic and rolling basslines, contains everything you need to bring depth and weight to your next DnB banger.


This dark sounding sample pack comes with an immersive collection of evil Arps created using Synchronous, Contains dark melodic elements from reece basses to rumbling basslines. Presets for Reasons Combinator, NN-XT and Synchronous.